Maslib trades through the believe that proper planning and project management that we can offer our clients solution based delivery services of fuel components for use in private and commercial sectors.

By continuously training our staff in various technologies and strategies, we can ensure that our clients receive the best product at the fastest rate while experiencing the personal touch from our staff and owners.

Our passion for customer satisfaction encourages us to deliver great service combined with excellent project planning. This offers our clients a one-of-a-kind involvement when partnering with Maslib Trading and Projects.

Environmental Services:

  • Environmental Management Programmes
  • Basic Assessments
  • Public Participation
  • Environmental Authorisations and Assessments
  • Water Use Applications
  • Research and Impact Assessments
  • Risk Assessments
  • Safety Files

Supply  and  Delivery of Petroleum Products

The government determined that three octane grades (namely 91, 93 and 95) of unleaded petrol (ULP) are permitted in South Africa (in both the coastal and inland regions) after 1 January 2006. In addition, two octane grades of lead replacement petrol (LRP) are permissible – a 95 octane grade at the coast and 93 octane grade inland.

Market demand determines which of these grades is available in the different parts of the country. Motorists cannot expect to find all octane grades available in all locations, which is where we may be able to assist. We encourage all our clients to contact us for solution-based methods to meet your needs.