About Us

Maslib Trading and Projects was founded in 2015, by a young entrepreneur who understood the need in the growing markets for delivering fuel to businesses and private entities across Southern Africa.

Maslib also obtained our Petroleum License during the same year. We started with the intention of serving both commercial and private clients by providing all differing volumes of fuel, whether it is to locally based small holdings and farms or larger commercial companies.

Maslib offers a one-on-one personalised service experience to all our customers, acting as a distributor and always aiming to supply our goods in a timely manner. We aim to serve our clients on a personal basis and often include the input of our managerial staff to ensure that we can give our clients the best project management and solutions for their needs.

During 2016 we have distributed an estimated 6 million litres of fuel across Southern Africa and we are looking forward to growing our business, going from strength to strength.

Through continually improving on our service, we are looking forward to a prosperous future for both ourselves and our clients. While we offer our clients a one-stop solution, we aim to grow fruitful relationships with all our clients ensuring long-term associations for the everyone who does business with Maslib.