Supply and Delivery of Petroleum Products

Maslib offers a personalised service to help our customers with flexible petroleum solutions

Flexible Petrolium Solutions

Maslib offers a personalised service to help our customers with flexible petroleum solutions

Environmental Services

Maslib offers a personalised service to help our customers with flexible petroleum solutions


Maslib Trading and Projects (Pty) Ltd is a Registered Fuel Distribution service provider trading under the name MASLIB. It was founded in 2015, by young entrepreneurs who understood the need in the growing markets for delivering fuel to businesses and private entities across Southern Africa.

Maslib also obtained their Petroleum License from the Department of Energy during the same year. ‘We started with the intention of serving both commercial and private clients by providing all differing volumes of fuel, whether it is to locally based small holdings and farms or larger commercial companies’.

Maslib offers a one-on-one personalised service experience to all our customers, acting as a distributor and always aiming to supply our goods in a timely manner. We aim to serve our clients on a personal basis and often include the input of our managerial staff to ensure that we can give our clients the best project management and solutions for their needs.

Through continually improving on our service, we are looking forward to a prosperous future for both ourselves and our clients. While we offer our clients a one-stop solution, we aim to grow fruitful relationships with all our clients ensuring long-term associations for the everyone who does business with us.


MASLIB is to become a leading quick and JIT corporation in RSA and through its diversified “just in time” (JIT) services. We aim to uphold the economy by doing the right thing the first time. We aim to retain our customers through;

  • Offering JIT (just-in-time) funding service that will enhance our client’s economy and adding value to their existence.
  • Promoting customer relationships that encourage repeat business.
  • Giving value to commitment, honesty, and fairness in dealing with all stakeholders.
  • Expedient and convenient Funding Service Provider.
  • Maintain professional image at all the times.
  • Maintain an excellent work relationship with the vendor and suppliers within our books.


  • To create a reputation of rendering JIT distribution services;
  • To provide high customer service;
  • To render services at reasonable price while maintaining healthy profit margins;
  • To maintain positive cash flow.


  • To create and maintain customer loyalty;
  • To build a business that is sustainable and profitable in the coming years operation;
  • To ensure a continuous and gradual growing demand for our service.


  • Commitment
  • Reliability
  • Consistency
  • Loyalty
  • Efficiency


Maslib is currently supplying fuel to public and private sectors. The government determined that three octane grades (namely 91, 93 and 95) of unleaded petrol (ULP) are permitted in South Africa (in both the coastal and inland regions) after 1 January 2006. Market demand determines which of these grades is available in the different parts of the country. Motorists cannot expect to find all octane grades available in all locations, but can expect to find.

In addition, two octane grades of lead replacement petrol (LRP) are permissible – a 95 octane grade at the coast and 93 octane grade inland.

  • Supply and Delivery of Petroleum Products
  Coast (+<1200m) Inland (+>1200m)
ULP 91,93,95 91,93,95
LRP 95 93
Jet A-! Same Same
Jet B-1 Same Same


Detail products description

  • Diesel 0.05 PPM
  • Diesel 500PPM
  • Petrol- Unleaded and Leaded
  • Gas and Jet-Fuel
  • Building and Installations of Tanks for Depots
  • ATG Systems (Fuel Management System)

Operational Plan

Operating Controls and Risk Management

Our qualified staff together with a very strong management team that is responsible for overseeing operations and implementing operating controls to minimize risk to the business. When concluding contractual agreements with potential customers, our contracts are reviewed by qualified personnel and signed by the all relevant parties in the agreement.  Other foreseen areas of risk, for which there are controls in place, fall into the following five categories: Procurement; Liability; Payment Collection; Accounting and Record-Keeping Functions.

Capacity Building Support and Culture

MASLIB is 100% owned by a black female who qualifies as a historically disadvantaged South African. A B-BBEE Certificate has been supplied to prove the HDSA. The company has employed mainly black people as defined who will be thoroughly trained in the procurement and handling petroleum products


Maslib trades through the believe that proper planning and project management is key and enables us to offer solution based delivery services of fuel components for use in private and commercial sectors.
By continuously training our staff in various technologies and strategies, we can ensure that our clients receive the best product at the fastest rate while experiencing the personal touch from our staff and owners.
Our passion for customer satisfaction encourages us to deliver great service combined with excellent project planning. This offers our clients a one-of-a-kind involvement when partnering with Maslib.


Client Type Industries:

  • Government
  • Private sector
  • Commercial


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